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How to Contact FOLKDJ-L

We've discontinued the webform that used to be here, because we were being flooded with spam. Instead, here are addresses you can use to get in touch with us.

To reach the listmoms as a whole, e-mail to:

Use this address for problems with your subscription to the FOLKDJ-L email list.


(Eliminate the dollar signs, and translate the words into the appropriate symbols.)

To reach individual listmoms:

Arthur Berman: aberman$AT$folkradio$DOT$org

Bob Blackman: bob$AT$folkradio$DOT$org

Paul Stamler: pstamler$AT$folkradio$DOT$org

To reach folkdj-l charts compiler and webmaster:

Folk Alliance International: folkchart$AT$folk$DOT$org

Pete Damore (temporary chart administrator): ag.peter+folkdj$AT$gmail$DOT$com

We're sorry for all the rigamarole, but the spammers have made this necessary. Thanks!

- Folkdj-l listmoms