Compiled by Richard Gillmann from FOLKDJ-L radio playlists
Based on 9679 airplays.

  1: "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?: The Songs Of Pete Seeger," Various Artists (128)
        "Water Is Wide," John Gorka (9)
        "Where Have All The Flowers Gone," Tommy Sands And Dolores Keane (9)
        "If I Had A Hammer," Nanci Griffith And Friends (7)
        "Turn, Turn, Turn," Bruce Cockburn (7)
        "Bells Of Rhymney," Roger Mcguinn (6)
        "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine," Jackson Browne And Bonnie Raitt (6)
        "Sailing Down My Golden River," Greg Brown (6)
        "Step By Step," Sweet Honey In The Rock (6)
        "Festival Of Flowers," Tish Hinojosa (4)
        "Letter To Eve," Indigo Girls (4)
        "My Father's Mansions," Billy Bragg And Eliza Carthy (4)
        "Of Time And Rivers Flowing," Richie Havens (4)
        "We Shall Overcome," Bruce Springsteen (4)
        "And Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger (3)
        "Blessed Be The Nation," Studs Terkel (3)
        "Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton (3)
        "How Can I Keep From Singing," Cordelia's Dad (3)
        "My Name Is Lisa Kalvelage," Ani Difranco (3)
        "One Grain Of Sand," Odetta (3)
        "Wimoweh," Weavers (3)
        "All Mixed Up," Peter, Paul And Mary (2)
        "All My Children Of The Sun," Tom Robbins (2)
        "Doublin," Si Khan And The Freight Hoppers (2)
        "False From True," Guy Davis (2)
        "Goofing Off Suite," Tony Trischka Band (2)
        "I Come And Stand At Every Door," Anne Hills (2)
        "Over The Hills," Tommy Makem (2)
        "Quiet Early Morning," Holly Near (2)
        "Those 3 Are On My Mind," Kim And Reggie Harris (2)
        "Torn Flag," John Trudell (2)
        "Dolores Keane And Vedran Smailovic," Tommy Sands
        "Empty Pockets Blues," Ronnie Gilbert Et Al
        "Living In The Country," Martin Simpson
        "My Get Up And Go," Tom Paxton
        "My Rainbow Race," Donovan
        "Oh, Had I A Golden Thread," Judy Collins
        "Oh, Sacred World," Studs Terkel
        "Pacem In Terris," Indigo Girls
        "Still I Am Searching," Pete Seeger
        "To Everyone In The World," Cathy Fink And Marcy Marxer
        "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy," Dick Gaughan
  2: "Friends Of Mine," Ramblin' Jack Elliott (68)
        "Rex's Blues" (15)
        "Last Letter" (8)
        "Friend Of The Devil" (6)
        "Louise" (6)
        "Riding Down The Canyon" (6)
        "Me And Billy The Kid" (5)
        "Walls Of Red Wing" (5)
        "Hard Travelin'" (4)
        "He Was A Friend Of Mine" (4)
        "Reason To Believe" (3)
        "Bleeker Street Blues" (2)
        "Dark As A Dungeon" (2)
        "Me And Billy The Kid"
        "Hard Traveler"
  3: "I Used To Be Nice," Rachel Bissex (48)
        "Royal Blues" (10)
        "In The Middle" (7)
        "There's A River" (6)
        "Ballad Of Eunice And Pearl" (6)
        "In The Magazines" (5)
        "For Florence" (3)
        "What's Right" (3)
        "Cold November Wood" (2)
        "December Moon" (2)
        "Witness" (2)
  4: "Blue Earth," Maria Sangiolo (47)
        "Anchor" (10)
        "Jenny Dreamed Of Trains" (8)
        "Something Real" (7)
        "To Live Is To Fly" (7)
        "Singing Beach" (5)
        "North Slope" (4)
        "Blue Earth-Something Real" (2)
        "Work Of Heart *Maria Sangiolo, This House" (2)
        "Before The Sun Goes Down"
        "Sense Of Humor"
  5: "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs," Various Artists (45)
        "Bells," Roches (7)
        "No More Songs," Karen Savoca (5)
        "Hands," Pat Humphries (4)
        "Highwayman," Steve Gillette And Cindy Mangsen (3)
        "Power And The Glory," Magpie (3)
        "Boy In Ohio," David Buskin (2)
        "Changes," Nancy Tucker (2)
        "Crucifiction," David Massingill (2)
        "Draft Dodger Rag," Tom Paxton (2)
        "Here's To The State Of Mississippi," Katy Moffatt (2)
        "Is There Anybody Here?," Sonia Rutstein (2)
        "When I M Gone," Eric Anderson (2)
        "Bracero," John Gorka
        "I Ain't Marching," Arlo Guthrie
        "Iron Lady," Anne Hills
        "Outside A Small Circle Of Friends," Dave Van Ronk
        "Pleasure Of The Harbour," Rod Macdonald
        "Pleasures Of The Harbor," Rod Macdonald
        "Tape From California," Greg Greenway
        "There But For Fortune," Rex Fowler
        "What's That I Hear?," Kim And Reggie Harris
  6: "My True Name," Carrie Newcomer (44)
        "This Long" (10)
        "I Should've Known Better" (8)
        "My True Name" (8)
        "When One Door Closes" (7)
        "Moon Over Tucson" (4)
        "Length Of My Arms" (2)
        "Just A Little Hand"
        "One Good Turn"
        "Razor's Edge"
        "Take It Around Again"
        "What Kind Of Love Is This"
  7: "Employee Of The Month," Austin Lounge Lizards (39)
        "Leonard Cohen's Day Job" (6)
        "Hey, Little Minivan" (5)
        "Stupid Texas Song" (5)
        "The Dogs, They Really Miss You" (4)
        "Flatnose, The Tree-Climbing Dog" (4)
        "Other Shore" (4)
        "Momma Don't Allow" (3)
        "Last Words And The Other Shore" (2)
        "Monkey On My Back" (2)
        "Another Stupid Texas Song"
        "Little Minivan, Mama Don't Allow"
        "Love In A Refrigerator Box"
        "Mama Don't Allow-Last Words-Hey Little Mini Van"
  7: "Shaking Off Gravity," Vance Gilbert (39)
        "Hey Lah Dee Dah Song" (9)
        "Fly" (8)
        "Twice Struck" (5)
        "Taking It All To Tennessee" (4)
        "Charlene" (3)
        "Could You Believe?" (2)
        "Icarus By Night" (2)
        "Watching A Good Thing Burn" (2)
        "Bringing Down The House Of Pain"
        "Do What You Gotta Do"
        "House Of Pain"
        "Oh Little Town"
  9: "Bushes And Briars," Susan Mckeown (34)
        "Mhaire Bhruinneall" (8)
        "Bushes And Briars" (6)
        "In London So Fair" (5)
        "Banks Of Claudy" (4)
        "Seoladh Na Ngamhna" (3)
        "After Aughrim" (2)
        "H-O Abha-Inn" (2)
        "Bonny Boy"
        "Donal Og"
        "Little Ones"
        "Mtn Streams"
 10: "Courage My Love," Annie Gallup (32)
        "100 Miles From Music City" (7)
        "Blue Dress" (6)
        "Anything Is Possible" (4)
        "Flood" (3)
        "It' Dangerous Charlie" (3)
        "Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That" (2)
        "Sweet Good Nature" (2)
        "All The Girls"
        "Hard Work"
        "Saint Fido"
 11: "Devil Of A Dream," Robin And Linda Williams (28)
        "Rolling And Rambling" (5)
        "At The Crossroads Again" (4)
        "So, It's Like This, Man" (3)
        "Things I've Learned" (3)
        "While I'm Waiting For You" (3)
        "Falls From The Sky" (2)
        "Green Summertime," (2)
        "Letter That I Wrote" (2)
        "Men With Guns"
        "Rollin' And Ramblin'"
        "Walking Like A Man"
        "While I Was Waiting"
 12: "Fiddle Patch," Bobby Hicks (27)
        "Lily Dale" (3)
        "Oh What A Silent Night" (3)
        "Prosperity Special" (3)
        "We're Steppin' Out Tonight" (3)
        "Whiskey Before Breakfast" (3)
        "Angel's Waltz" (2)
        "Comanchie Hit And Run" (2)
        "Estrellita" (2)
        "Fiddle Patch" (2)
        "Twinkle Little Star" (2)
        "Faded Love"
        "Katy Hill"
 12: "Grand Design," Cosy Sheridan (27)
        "George And His 88 Keys" (5)
        "Some Fires" (4)
        "Don't Go In The Water" (3)
        "Fool Entering The World" (3)
        "My Lost Valentine" (3)
        "18 Holes On The Open Range" (2)
        "Little Train" (2)
        "Tell Me It All Works Out In The End" (2)
        "Bad Cliche"
        "I Surrender," Barbara Higbie
        "Love Conquer All"
 14: "Midnight Storm," Blue Highway (26)
        "Midnight Storm" (5)
        "Pikeville Flood" (5)
        "I'd Rather Be A Lonesome Pine" (4)
        "Getting Over You" (3)
        "Keen Mountain Prison" (3)
        "Some Day" (2)
        "Cold Frosty Morn"
        "Find Me Out On A Mountain Top"
        "May Your Life Be Sweet And Simple"
        "Whither Thou Gou"
 15: "Flirting With The Edge," John Whelan (23)
        "Storm Warning" (5)
        "January's Journey/ Dd's Car" (4)
        "Heather In Winter" (3)
        "Flirting With The Edge/Etc," (2)
        "Mayengo Reel" (2)
        "Rwenzori The Heather In Winter" (2)
        "Brother John's Jig"
        "Jigs: Brother John's Jig"
        "Lost Souls"
        "My Angel Boy"
        "Reels: January's Journey, D. D. 's Car"
 16: "American Stranger," Julie Henigan (22)
        "American Stranger" (4)
        "Blue-Eyed Boy/Clinch Mountain Breakdown" (3)
        "John Randolph" (3)
        "Farewell Song" (2)
        "Green Grows The Laurel" (2)
        "Hoban's Hill" (2)
        "Blue-Eyed Boy/Clinch Mountain Backstep"
        "Adieu My Lovely Nancy"
        "Cowboy's Girl"
        "Hare's Dream"
        "Streets Of Derry"
 16: "Bluegrass Rules!," Ricky Skaggs (22)
        "Ridin' That Midnight Train" (4)
        "Get Up John" (3)
        "Somehow Tonight" (3)
        "Amanda Jewell" (2)
        "I Hope You've Learned" (2)
        "If I Lose" (2)
        "Little Maggie" (2)
        "Drunken Driver"
        "Rank Stranger"
        "Think Of What You've Done"
 16: "Next," Kate Mcdonnell (22)
        "Baltimore" (4)
        "Don't Fix My Faucet" (4)
        "If I Knew" (3)
        "Lines" (3)
        "Tangerine Shirt" (3)
        "Enola Gay" (2)
        "Dog's Odyssey"
        "Time And Time Again"
 16: "Roses And Ash," Annie Rapid (22)
        "Roses And Ash" (4)
        "Zuma Beach" (4)
        "All My Senses" (3)
        "Promise" (2)
        "Seed Has Fallen" (2)
        "These Days" (2)
        "Yeh" (2)
        "Deciding Factor"
        "To Iberia"
 16: "Sand In Your Shoes," Ralph Mctell (22)
        "Irish Blessing" (4)
        "Tous Les Animaux Sont Tristes" (4)
        "After Rain" (2)
        "Jesus Wept" (2)
        "Peppers And Tomatoes" (2)
        "Sand In Your Shoes" (2)
        "Still In Dreams" (2)
        "Daddy's Whistling Home"
        "Fear Of Flying"
        "Red House And And And Peter Rowan"
 21: "3 Part Harmony," Reno Brothers (21)
        "Hard To Survive" (4)
        "Somewhere Tonight" (4)
        "Always Late With Your Kisses" (3)
        "Blue Ridge Side Of Blue" (3)
        "Crosstie Junction" (2)
        "Drake's Creek Reel"
        "Kentucky Serenade"
        "Let In The Guiding Light"
        "Movie Time Blues"
 21: "So Long So Wrong," Alison Krauss And Union Station (21)
        "Little Liza Jane" (7)
        "Looking In The Eyes Of Love" (5)
        "Happiness," Alison Krauss (2)
        "So Long, So Wrong" (2)
        "Blue Trail Of Sorrow"
        "Deeper Than Crying"
        "I'll Remember You, Love, In My Prayers"
        "M Can Let Go Now"
        "Road Is A Lover"
 23: "One More River," Bill Staines (20)
        "Leatherwing Bat" (3)
        "Mole In The Ground" (3)
        "My Grandfather's Clock" (3)
        "So Sang The River" (3)
        "Grandfather's Clock" (2)
        "Less Of Me" (2)
        "Mr. Rabbit, Mr. Rabbit" (2)
        "Ash Grove"
        "One More River"
 23: "Rhyme Schemes," Joel Mabus (20)
        "Druggist" (4)
        "What 'my Doin" Wrong" (3)
        "Bubba's 3 B's" (2)
        "Chairman Of The Bored" (2)
        "Crooked November" (2)
        "Mosquito Coast" (2)
        "Doo Dah Ditty"
        "Fiddler's Reply"
        "Mr. Lucky, Tight Old Arkansas"
        "Say Cheese"
        "Tight Old Arkansas"
 25: "View From Here," Matt Flinner (19)
        "Red Shift" (6)
        "City Chickens" (3)
        "Black's Fork" (2)
        "View From Here" (2)
        "Another Alley"
        "Another Way"
        "Cold Quarters"
        "Village Road"
 26: "Spread Your Wings," Gibson Brothers (18)
        "I'm Gonna Love You" (3)
        "2 Hours Down" (2)
        "Early" (2)
        "Moon Still Shines" (2)
        "Picture In The Moonlight" (2)
        "When God Comes And Gathers His Jewels" (2)
        "Wondering" (2)
        "10 Miles From The Truth"
        "I Can't Quit"
        "Kentucky Gambler"
        "Sam Smith"
        "Sins Of Your Past"
 26: "Reunion Hill," Richard Shindell (18)
        "I Saw My Youth Today" (3)
        "I'll Be Here In The Morning" (3)
        "Money For Floods" (2)
        "Next Best Western" (2)
        "Beyond The Iron Gate"
        "Darkness, Darkness"
        "Easy Street"
        "Reunion Hill"
        "Sing Me Back Home"
 26: "Vision," Don Rigsby (18)
        "Wings Of Angels" (5)
        "On A High High Mountain" (3)
        "Angel Of Death" (2)
        "Drifting Too Far From The Shore" (2)
        "Little Spirit Man"
        "Over In The Gloryland"
        "Power In The Earth," Walkin' Jim Stoltz
        "Rose Among The Thorns"
        "That Home Far Away"
        "Vision Of A Golden Crown"
 29: "Doin' My Time," Aubrey Haynie (16)
        "Cherokee Shuffle" (3)
        "Doin' My Time" (3)
        "40 Years Of Trouble" (2)
        "Austin's Dream"
        "Dark Hollow"
        "Foolin' Around"
        "Forty Years Of Trouble"
        "Montgomery Bell"
        "Tobacco Patch"
        "Turkey In The Straw"
        "White Bluff"
 29: "Encore," Celtic Fiddle Festival (16)
        "Ward's Favorite" (4)
        "Hector The Hero" (3)
        "2 Andros/Andro Psg" (2)
        "Farewell To Ireland/Etc" (2)
        "Up In The Air/Etc" (2)
        "Goodbye To Ireland"
        "Marche Et Gavottes Pourlet"
        "Mrs. Kenny's/Etc"
 29: "Feel Good Day," Continental Divide (16)
        "Feel Good Day" (3)
        "Silver Eagle" (3)
        "I Dreamed I Drove The Nails" (2)
        "You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone" (2)
        "Claire May"
        "If A Train Left For Memphis"
        "Kick Me When I'm Down"
        "Lonesome Highway"
        "When I Left Old East Virginia"
        "Where The Dirt Road Ends"
 29: "Waltzing With You," Jay Ungar And Molly Mason (16)
        "Tractor Breakdown" (3)
        "Waltzing With You" (3)
        "Fiddler's Elbow" (2)
        "Streets Of Munnsville" (2)
        "Auction And Waltzing With You"
        "Brother's Keeper"
        "Cows On The Hill"
        "Delbert's Tear"
        "I'm Just Fiddlin"
        "Johnson Road"
 33: "Lipstick Lies And Gasoline," Fred Eaglesmith (15)
        "Alcohol And Pills" (3)
        "Time To Get A Gun" (3)
        "Pontiac" (2)
        "Spookin' The Horses" (2)
        "Thinking" (2)
        "Angel Of The Lord"
        "Water In The Fuel"
 33: "Little Ship," Loudon Wainwright III (15)
        "Breakfast In Bed" (3)
        "Primrose Hill" (3)
        "I Can't Stand Myself" (2)
        "Ogm-Out Going Message" (2)
        "Bein' A Dad"
        "Mr. Ambivalent"
        "Our Own War"
        "So Damn Happy"
        "What Are Families For?"
 33: "Midnight Salvage," Dana Robinson (15)
        "Sadie" (5)
        "Goodbye Mary Jane" (3)
        "Heaven" (2)
        "Shady Grove" (2)
        "Midnight Salvage"
        "Stalk Your Calling"
        "Wishing Pool"
 33: "One Way Down," Jory Nash (15)
        "Flyer" (4)
        "Terrible Man" (3)
        "Ashbridge's Bay" (2)
        "Sweetness" (2)
        "Across The Water"
        "Dark Brown Eyes"
        "Jericho Now"
        "One Way Down"
 33: "Woodys," Woodys (15)
        "Bobby And Juanita" (5)
        "Second Wind" (4)
        "I Don't Mean Maybe" (3)
        "Circle Of Angels" (2)
        "High Lonesome"
 38: "Forever," Judy Collins (14)
        "Fallow Way" (3)
        "Amazing Grace" (2)
        "Both Sides Now" (2)
        "Someday Soon" (2)
        "Who Knows Where The Time Goes?" (2)
        "Bird On A Wire"
        "Farewell To Tarawaithe"
        "Last," The
 38: "Cold Hard Facts," Del Mccoury Band (14)
        "Cold Hard Facts" (4)
        "Baltimore Jonny" (2)
        "Hard On My Heart" (2)
        "Blue Darlin'"
        "First Time She Left"
        "Henry Walker"
        "Love Is A Long Road"
        "Member Of The Blues"
        "Snake In The House"
 38: "Like Ducks!," Christina Smith And Jean Hewson (14)
        "Scotty Macmillan's G Minor Jig" (3)
        "Broken Down Girl" (2)
        "Pride Of The Season" (2)
        "Sound Symposium And Lady In The East" (2)
        "Waltz In The House And Up The Hills Of Down" (2)
        "Jolly Jack Tar"
        "Kelly And Joe"
        "Liar's Song"
 38: "Northeast Kingdom," Cheri Knight (14)
        "Dar Glascow" (4)
        "Crawling" (2)
        "All Blue"
        "Dar Glasgow, Rose In The Vine, If Wishes Were Horses"
        "Dead Man's Curve"
        "Hatfield Side"
        "If Wishes Were Horses"
        "Rose In The Vine"
        "White Lies"
 38: "You Don't Know Me," Denice Franke (14)
        "How'd You Know" (3)
        "Milo" (3)
        "Lowlands" (2)
        "Saints" (2)
        "You Don't Know Me" (2)
        "Bobby Sits By The Window"
        "Old Love Keeps On Burning"

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